Freelance digitalI use digital publishing skills to share stories and ideas as widely and efficiently as possible.

I’m experienced in digital content management, including creation and distribution of ebooks, audiobooks and book metadata. I’ve also worked as an SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Digital publishing services

  • Bespoke ebook design and conversion
  • Publishing metadata optimisation & training
  • Digital publishing workflow and distribution consultancy
  • Project management

Web design and online marketing services

  • WordPress site development
  • SEO consultancy
  • Content strategy
  • Social media management

I have a keen interest in the intersection of digital technology with culture. I’m both a book geek and a computer geek! I started off programming in BASIC on my dad’s Amstrad PCW 9512. I’ve dabbled in coding and other computer related geekery ever since then, from dual-booting Linux and Windows to rooting my Android and building my own websites. This current site is a custom-built WordPress theme I created, and I’m working my way through the Rails Tutorial as part of my quest to continually upgrade my digital skills.

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Article on BookMachine: SEO tips for book publishers

I’m pleased that BookMachine chose an article I pitched to them as their winning blog idea for April! I explore some SEO do’s and don’ts for publishers, and how far from being a dark art, good SEO is a natural extension of how a good publisher thinks anyway. Read “Dos and don’ts for using SEO […]

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Art and technology – what’s the difference?

A few weeks ago I visited the English L’Abri Fellowship, where one of the staff, Andy Patton, was giving the weekly Friday night lecture on the subject of How Technology Behaves. (Hopefully it will be available to listen to online on the L’Abri Ideas Library sometime soon.) It was wide-ranging, fascinating and provocative, but one […]

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Kingdom Code: What are the biases embedded in tech?

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I headed into London to attend Kingdom Code, a meet-up for Christians in digital. I’d been aware of the group mainly via Twitter, and one of my colleagues from Scripture Union on the Guardians of Ancora project team suggested I go along. I’m glad I did, because it […]

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MOOCs and the Digital Future of Higher Education

Image: stock.xchng There’s a lot of interest at the moment in Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), such as those offered by Coursera and Khan Academy – for example, this article from a US perspective about How to Save College, or this Times Higher Education article about Edinburgh University getting 300,000 students on its Coursera courses. On the […]

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Choosing a mini-tablet

In the run up to Christmas, I’d been admiring the Amazon Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus 7 and, of course, the iPad mini. I wistfully played with them in-store, trying to find a reason to justify the purchase. I couldn’t really afford or justify it out of my spare income, so I wasn’t expecting to […]

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My new smartphone

My mobile phone contract recently came to an end. I’d been paying £8.50 per month to Virgin Mobile for 100 minutes and 100 texts. I sometimes used up all my minutes, but almost never that many texts. I really fancied getting some kind of smart phone, and since my mp3 player was literally being held […]

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