About Me

View my CV, or read a little more about me:

  • I am available for work as a freelance editor. I’ve worked for Scripture Union in the publishing team as Product Developer. This role involved acting as commissioning and development editor on books and resources for children and adults. Also, I previously worked Hodder and Stoughton as Assistant Digital Editor working on ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Freelance digital services are another string to my bow. My experience includes creating responsive HTML/CSS designs, WordPress theme development, and graphic design. SEO and digital marketing are another area of my expertise. I’ve worked on digital projects and marketing for Scripture Union and Hodder. Also, at Orantec I was an SEO & Online Marketing Consultant. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements!
  • I studied English Literature and History at Cardiff University. Later, I did a MA focused on children’s literature and medievalism. This allowed me to study many books I love, including medieval romance, Arthurian legend, C S Lewis, Tolkien and T H White.
  • My faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour is very important to me. Because of this, I seek to follow his way of peace, love and justice by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here in Milton Keynes, I attend a local church called New City Church.
  • I edited Impossible Podcasts for five years. It was a site about Doctor Who and other science fiction and fantasy, all of which I still enjoy!

So if you share any of those interests, please feel free to connect! You can contact me via Twitter, email or other social networks.