Review: What Makes Us Human? by Mark Meynell

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review. The latest in the Questions Christians Ask series, Mark Meynell sketches out a solid introduction to basic Christian beliefs about humanity. Its brevity is both it’s biggest strength and weakness. It is accessible and easily digested in an […]

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God’s will is good grammar

A month or so ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Christian Postgraduate Conference in Dovedale, Derbyshire, at which Edith Reitsma from L’Abri Fellowship England and Alister McGrath, writer of many books including The Dawkins Delusion, were speaking. I’m starting my masters in September, but might as well get started early in thinking about […]

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Not Brains in a Jar

Is there such thing as a Biblical epistemology (theory of knowledge)? Well, there’s no one definitive Biblical theory of knowledge that Christians would all agree on – but getting Christians to all agree on anything is very difficult, to put it mildly! But I think that what the Bible teaches about God, the world, reality […]

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The "worst" bits of the Bible?

Ship of Fools is carrying out a survey called Chapter and Worse asking for people’s “worst” Bible verses. Why? Because the Bible is probably the most important book ever, but it sometimes seems that the only people who care about it are rival gangs of fundamentalists, Christian and atheist, determined to beat it into the […]

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Now at Mack: Mapping the Infinite

Mack has just started a new Sunday evening sermon series, Mapping the Infinite, subtitled “Looking Deeper into God”. Over thirteen weeks, we’ll be covering the basic storyline and doctrines of the Christian faith, following the sermon titles of Mars Hill Church’s Doctrine series by Mark Driscoll. The series is as follows: Trinity – God Is […]

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