Hodderscape: Doctor Who “Deep Breath” review

Doctor Who is back! And I’ve reviewed it over at Hodderscape: Hero or madman? Warrior or healer? Wanderer or planner? Alien or human? The Doctor is all of these, and each regeneration gives the opportunity to twist the dials, remix the levels of the different elements of his character. David Tennant and Matt Smith shared […]

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Should the BBC become more like Buzzfeed?

Neil Postman, who wrote Amusing Ourselves to Death, might have been grimly amused to see Sir Howard Stringer recommending that BBC News online emulate Buzzfeed. Now there may be some very general principles that the BBC can learn from about creating engaging, sharable content. But the news should be very different from cat photos and […]

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Thoughts on season 3 of Heroes…

Heroes season 3 has really been all over the place. It got off to a good start, covering more ground in a couple of episodes than you’d sometimes get in half a season. But although they quickened the pace, this just meant it got sillier quicker, getting bogged down in formulas and double-crosses and undeveloped […]

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Podcast on How the Doctor Changed My Life

The latest edition of A Podcast of Impossible Things is a Big Finish special, looking in particular at Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed my Life. It includes interviews with some of the writers, including the overall winner Michael Coen, and me, of course, plus interviews with Simon Guerrier, editor of the collection and fan […]

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Is the Doctor too much of a superhero?

Over the many years of Doctor Who, the Doctor has become more and more of a superhero. The First Doctor started off as an old man, a crochety explorer, who got dragged into events and was more likely to be trying to get back to the TARDIS than to save the day. He could be […]

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