Here you can find my thoughts on faith, the Bible and theology. My Christian faith is very important to me, and informs everything I do in one way or another. I believe that God is real and has revealed himself through Jesus Christ and in the pages of the Bible, and that the truth of these things is open to rational investigation – I’d invite you to read the Bible and to explore the evidence for yourself.

Kingdom Code: What are the biases embedded in tech?

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I headed into London to attend Kingdom Code, a meet-up for Christians in digital. I’d been aware of the group mainly via Twitter, and one of my colleagues from Scripture Union on the Guardians of Ancora project team suggested I go along. I’m glad I did, because it […]

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Review: What Makes Us Human? by Mark Meynell

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review. The latest in the Questions Christians Ask series, Mark Meynell sketches out a solid introduction to basic Christian beliefs about humanity. Its brevity is both it’s biggest strength and weakness. It is accessible and easily digested in an […]

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How Imagination Engages the Heart – Morphe Monday

Over the last few months, I’ve started getting involved in Morphe Arts group, especially the writers’ group that meets in the Southbank Centre twice a month. They recently produced the first issue of their literary magazine Margins and I’ve contributed a short story, The Wordless to the website. Morphe also has monthly meetings covering a […]

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What happens when we die?

One of life’s great questions is what happens to us when we die? Is there anything beyond this life, or is this all that there is? All of us must face death – both the deaths of people we know and love, and eventually our own deaths. It is a solemn and serious matter. How […]

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