How Jesus’ resurrection puts the clock forward

I love it when the clocks go forward. After the long dark nights of winter, the days have already been getting longer for a while. It’s no longer already dark when I leave work, or when I arrive in the morning. And then with the changing clocks, we take a collective step forward. Boom! An […]

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What happens when we die?

One of life’s great questions is what happens to us when we die? Is there anything beyond this life, or is this all that there is? All of us must face death – both the deaths of people we know and love, and eventually our own deaths. It is a solemn and serious matter. How […]

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What’s our ultimate hope – Heaven or Resurrection?

“This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through. My treasure lies laid up, somewhere beyond the blue. The saviour beckons me from Heaven’s open door, and I can’t feel at home in this world any more” So goes the old song. But is it true? Is the Christian hope simply that we “go […]

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Your Labour is Not in Vain

Last month my church ran an evangelism course in the Sunday evening meetings called Just Walk Across the Room. For the most part, the course and accompanying book contains useful advice on getting to know people, discovering their stories and sharing your faith with them naturally. It does have some weaknesses though. For one thing, […]

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The Muslim Jesus

Yesterday evening I went along to an event on “The Muslim Jesus” put on by Cardiff University Islamic Society as part of their awareness week, as did several other members of the Christian Union. Between us, we were able to raise quite a number of questions about the Muslim version of events, which led to […]

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Blast from the past

On Contagious, we wrote letters to ourselves in our small groups reminding ourselves of what we learned, which one of the small group leaders took to post to us half-way through the year. I’d forgotten about this, until a letter arrived for me with the address written in my own handwriting. I opened it up, […]

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Contagious – Big Teach 2: Jesus the Living One

Continuing typing up my notes of the talks from Contagious 2007: The Resurrection, with the second talk which was given by Jonty Alcock. 2: Jesus the Living Sacrifice (John 20) “It is finished” cried Jesus on the Cross. But when we see so much evil and suffering in the world, what is finished? Is it […]

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Contagious – Big Teach 1: Jesus the Living One

I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but I’m going to try and get back into doing so more regularly, including typing up some of my notes from Contagious 2007: The Resurrection. I’m kicking off with the first “Big Teach”, which was preached by Ian Fry. MP3s should be on the Contagious website at […]

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Death Be Not Proud (Remix)

I’ve just got back from Contagious, the Bible-centred youth conference. It was amazing, and I’ll write more about some of the talks and seminars and stuff soon. The theme was the Resurrection, and while there I wrote and performed a poem on that theme, “inspired by” John Donne’s sonnet Death Be Not Proud. Death Be […]

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