First day

Six years ago, a young, innocent and fresh-faced boy found himself suddenly transplanted from the wilds of deepest, darkest Wales to the seething cosmopolitan mass that is Cardiff (well, that’s how it seemed at the time, anyway). Once his parents drove away, he was alone in the city, not yet knowing anyone or anywhere, left […]

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Starting my masters degree

It’s over three years since I graduated from Cardiff University in English Literature & History, and I’m about to go back for more. On Tuesday, I picked up my student card, and so I’m officially a postgraduate student. Tomorrow, I’ll be enrolling with the School of English, Communication and Philosophy for a MA in English […]

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A quick note

This is just to say that I haven’t forgotten about my blog, despite the recent lack of blog posts. There are a number of reasons for this, the main two being a new job that has been keeping me a bit busier over the last few months, and that I’ve been knuckling down to work […]

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Five Years

It’s now just over five years since I first arrived in Cardiff , and since I started keeping this blog. That’s a big chunk of my life, and over that time I’ve grown and changed a lot, leaving home and becoming independent of my parents, studying for my degree, starting my working life, and most […]

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Wedding words and reasons

I saw via the Boundless blog an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about the fashion for individually-written wedding vows. Beverley and I put a lot of thought into our wedding vows and into our marriage service, so I’ll try and explain some of our thinking here… When it came to planning the wedding, […]

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My wedding speech!

One of my tasks as the groom was to give a wedding speech, which I had great fun writing and delivering! It seemed to go down well, and since I wrote out my speech in full beforehand, I’ll post the text on here – my actual delivery may have been slightly different. You can also […]

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My wedding day!

You may have noticed that my blog has been a bit quiet lately, and that’s because I’m getting married. Now, the day has come, and I am getting married to my dear and wonderful Beverley at 1pm today. Woo, and indeed, hoo! I’m feeling pretty calm at the moment, with just under six hours to […]

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“How The Doctor Changed My Life” Reviews

The latest Doctor Who Magazine has a review of Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed my Life, which is very exciting, especially since reviewer Matt Michael speaks very highly of it! Here are a few quotes: Big Finish’s new collection of short stories is a departure from previous releases in that it’s entirely written by […]

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November busyness

Blimey, this month is turning out to be busy! Here’s a few things that have happened, or are happening, or will happen in this merry month of November. Birthdays! I turned 23 yesterday, and Bev followed hot on my heels with her 23rd birthday today. So various celebratory activities and events have been in order, […]

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