The Christmas Conspiracy

Christmas is coming! I’ll probably have a bit more time to update my blog once I’m back home for Christmas. Check out the story “The Christmas Conspiracy” over on Tim Chester’s blog: You may have heard of ‘the Da Vinci Code’ which claimed to reveal asinister plot, but which has now been discredited. Well I […]

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“And a Merry Christmas to all of you at home!”

I’ve managed to escape the preparations for the Christmas dinner for a short time to share a few thoughts to you, my wonderful reading audience. Well, at least when talking to oneself you have an attentative audience!Ah, what a wonderful day is Christmas! Firstly, because we’re celebrating the absolutely mind-bogglingly incredible event of God becoming […]

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Christmas is coming…

…and Caleb’s getting fat on mince pies!It’s now the day before Christmas Eve, or Little Christmas Eve, to borrow what I believe is a Norweigian usage. It’s from the wonderful book The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder, anyway, which was translated from the Norweigian. It’s got a chapter for every day of Advent and is […]

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