“And a Merry Christmas to all of you at home!”

I’ve managed to escape the preparations for the Christmas dinner for a short time to share a few thoughts to you, my wonderful reading audience. Well, at least when talking to oneself you have an attentative audience!Ah, what a wonderful day is Christmas! Firstly, because we’re celebrating the absolutely mind-bogglingly incredible event of God becoming a man to save the world. As an aspiring author, this leaves me gasping with the sheer audacity of the idea. How on earth can I top that in my stories?! Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and God’s imagination wonderful!But not only that, because I’m also enjoying being at home with my family and friends. (Our friends Peter and Stephanie have just arrived, along with their adorable baby boy, Pierre). I’ve enjoyed giving and receiving lots of presents, from vanilla fudge to a Dictionary of Biblical Theology. What’s more, it has snowed – a genuine white Christmas!Admittedly where I live is a bit too near the coast so it isn’t a substantial covering, but as we drove to church in Bala further inland, it got heavier and thicker. Dad began to get worried about getting back, but we had safe travelling, and once in Bala had fun throwing snowballs as we walked to the church. (At least, I had fun throwing snowballs. The rest of the family might have been less than delighted). It was great to be at church again and see all the dear people there. Imogen, a very sweet, very elderly and slightly dotty lady, was telling me how dangerous it was for me being a handsome young man, not that this was a problem she’s experienced! What do you say to something like that? I smiled and wished her Merry Christmas.Well, I better go and be sociable, so toodle pip and merry Christmas!

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